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Within the operations of its portfolio of assets, Greenlaw is committed to the implementation of environmentally conscious practices. We individually review each property to maximize all opportunities to reduce energy consumption, enhance water conservation, and effectively apply green practices. Greenlaw works closely with its employees, tenants and building staff to promote awareness and active participation in environmentally sound procedures.  Each year, we continue to track and benchmark the usages for the properties to measure progress and success.

Greenlaw requires Green Cleaning methods to be utilized in each of its managed assets, with environmentally friendly cleaning products, recycled paper products, and automatic paper and soap dispensers. Green practices are further applied within exterior cleaning services, pest control, and water reclamation.  Tenant recycling programs are also in place at our office properties, with building staff and contractors also exercising recycling of lighting and other building materials as standard practices. Our Property Management team further schedules recurring E-Cycling events for our tenants to properly dispose of dated or irreparable electronic equipment or devices.

Additionally, Greenlaw has partnered with Energy Star for tracking of all office properties with successful achievement of Energy Star Certifications for substantial, documented reduction of energy usage. Further, Greenlaw has successfully completed the LEED Certification for buildings within its portfolio, earning LEED Gold and Silver certifications from the USGBC.  EV Charging stations have also been installed at several of our office properties to support increased tenant use of electric vehicles and reduction of fuel emissions.

Through thoughtful reinvestment into our properties, water conservation through with installation of smart controllers on the irrigation systems, monitored and minimized watering schedules, and replacement and maintenance of traditional landscape materials with drought-tolerant plants and supplies are applied measures to support the ongoing water conservation priority across our managed portfolio.